Event Information

Sunday 2 December – Unofficial Xmas CompFLYER

NCEC Lead Rein Test

Please find attached the information for the competition on Sunday.
With the rider/participant roster I have done my best to fit around riding commitments and requests. I apologise in advance if I was unable to fulfil everyone’s requirements but please speak to us privately if there are issues, we will do our best to rectify them. Unfortunately, we did not have enough people nominate as Gear stewards, I have had to utilise others for this role. Please note the NCEC President Jane Radburn will be on the grounds near the arenas all day and is able to assist if you are unsure of any of the gear that is presented at gear check.
All volunteers are required to report to the Gear Check point, so we know that you are there.
Please note that all scratchings go to Dianne Andison on 0438-892-910.
Also the Prep B test will be the test for the 20 x 60m arena. I have attached this test and the NCEC Lead rein test for your convenience.
If you are not a current member can you please make sure that you hand in the form and payment to the cottage before you ride.
If you have any queries on the day, please see the Ground Staff.
Please remember the committee is small and we are all volunteers giving up a lot of our time to run competitions for our fellow dressage enthusiasts, we are happy to take on suggestions and fix mistakes when we make them, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if I have made a mistake or where I can improve.
Happy Riding

2019 Comp Dates
Sunday 24 March – Training Day (Details available soon on ‘Events Information’ page)
Sunday 28 April – OC/CR/CU
Sunday 1 September – OC/CR/CU
Sunday 6 October – OC/CR/CU
Sunday 1 December – CR ‘Xmas’ comp (NCEC Members Only)

As seems to be the message from all dressage clubs these days – the NCEC committee cannot run training/comp days without the help of volunteers – it’s just not possible with a small committee – so, as a condition of entry, we ask that all riders (or a nominated person) who enter NCEC events are available to do some volunteering at the event. We will do our best to make volunteer shifts as short and painless as possible, so that we can all can enjoy the day.

NCEC uses Global Entries Online for taking entries for competitions and training days. If you are not familiar with Global Entries, please email us at nceccontact@gmail.com and we can assist you with entering the competition.
LINK: Global Entries

Membership – Our membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June each year and we offer Annual awards to our riders and horses who do well over the year at our competitions. If you are interested in joining, please have a look at our membership page for rates and the current membership form.

NCEC Amateur Owner Rider (AOR) rules
To be eligible to compete as an adult amateur owner rider (AOR) at NCEC competitions, all riders must declare that they meet the following criteria:
1. The rider must be a competitive member of their state branch of Equestrian Australia (EA) or a current financial member of NCEC (note the ability to ride AOR as an NCEC member is relevant to the unofficial classes only. If you enter AOR in the official classes you must be an EA member and your horse must be EA registered).

2. To qualify as an AOR the rider must not have competed in an FEI Sanctioned CDI (PSGGP) or CDI-W in the prior 3 calendar years.

3. The horse/pony must be owned, part owned or leased by the AOR. An AOR cannot compete on a horse not owned or leased by them.

4. An AOR must not have sponsorship, or remuneration (excluding prize money) above the value of $500 per annum for any services connected with the breaking, training and riding of any horse or pony in the last 3 years. This does not include instructing riders, provided that instructing is not the principle income (per rule 5).

5. An AOR’s principle source of income is not obtained from sponsorship, breaking, training, riding or coaching any horse or rider.

6. The horse/pony must be primarily ridden and trained by the AOR with only periodic ridden assistance by person(s) other than the owner. Specifically the horse/pony must not have been ridden or trained by anyone, other than the owner, from the closing date of entries to the day of the event, for any event in which the rider wishes to compete as an AOR.

7. The rider must be aged 21 and over – can enter in the calendar year in which they turn 21. 8. NCEC do not have the resources to split pony classes into AOR. Consequently riders will either ride as an AOR (against horses) or ride as a pony rider.