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Saturday 20th August – Members only Dressage Clinic with Susan Elekessy and Megan Bryant – Information flyer
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Sunday 23 October 2022 – Championships

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Helmet tagging – Information flyer 

For information re NCEC membership, please see the ‘Membership’ page of this website.

Any questions please email ncecevents@gmail.com

Coffee n Snack Shack provide our catering needs at our events:


General Information re NCEC events: 

To enter any of our closed restricted classes at our events, riders must be a current member of NCEC.
To enter any official classes at our events, riders must be a member of EA. Horses must hold EA registration.


NCEC uses NOMINATE for entries to our events. If you are not familiar with using NOMINATE, please call Nominate staff on  07 3118 9555 (9-5 Mon-Fri) or email  nominate@nominate.com.au   Nominate website is  www.nominate.com.au

Dressage Tests

All current dressage tests can be found at https://www.equestrian.org.au/dressage-rules

NCEC Rider Categories at competitions

Open & Amateur Rider (AR) – official and closed restricted classes
Pony – official classes only

It is the riders responsibility to enter as an Amateur Rider (AR) by ticking the AR  box when entering on Nominate – the default is Open

For Official classes only – It is the riders responsibility to enter as a Pony by ticking the ‘Pony’  box when entering on Nominate.  Pony category takes precedence over AR/Open categories for placings.

Bridle Numbers

It is a requirement of Equestrian NSW that ALL dressage competitors have a bridle number to compete in dressage competitions – this includes EA Official and Closed Restricted classes.

To obtain a bridle number please email info@ensw.org.au. The following information is required in the email:   Horse Name, Registration Number (if the horse is EA registered) and Height, Owner and Riders contact details. If you have previously had a Bridle Number for another horse and it is no longer competing you may recycle this, however you will need to advise EANSW of that number in the email.

EANSW do not supply number holders for your bridle. These may be purchased at your local saddlery store.

NCEC Amateur Rider (AR) Rules

The NCEC Amateur Rider (AR) rules differ to the EA National Amateur Rider (AOR) rules so please read the NCEC AR rules before entering as an NCEC AR.

To be eligible to compete as an Amateur Rider (AR) at NCEC competitions, all riders must meet the following criteria:

  1. The rider must be a member of Equestrian Australia (EA) or a current financial member of NCEC.
  2. To qualify as an AR the rider must not have competed in an FEI Sanctioned CDI (PSG-GP) or CDI-W in the prior 3 calendar years.
  3. An AR must not have sponsorship, or remuneration (excluding prize money) above the value of $500 per annum for any services connected with the breaking, training and riding of any horse or pony in the last 3 years. This does not include instructing riders, provided that instructing is not the principle income.
  4. An AR’s principle source of income is not obtained from sponsorship, breaking, training, riding or coaching any horse or rider.
  5. The horse/pony must be primarily ridden and trained by the AR with only periodic ridden assistance by person(s) other than the rider – specifically the horse/pony must not have been ridden or trained by anyone, other than the AR rider during the 4 week period before the NCEC competition in which the rider is competing as an AR.
  6. An AR can be any age.
  7. If a rider does not meet the above criteria he/she must ride in the comp as an Open rider.


Volunteers and Rider Participation at events

As seems to be the message from all dressage clubs these days – the NCEC committee cannot run training/comp days without the help of volunteers and rider participation in various small roles – it’s just not possible with a small committee – so, as a condition of entry, we ask that all riders (or a nominated person) who enter NCEC events are available to do some volunteering at the event. We will do our best to make volunteer shifts as short and painless as possible, so that we can all can enjoy the day.  Roles include gear check,  set up and pull down of arenas as indicated on Nominate entry.