NCEC 2020 Annual General Meeting

Notice of NCEC Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Sunday 23 August 2020 1200 at Equestrian Park (Cottage).

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the 2020 NCEC AGM needs to take on a simple meeting format.  The AGM will therefore be held during the Sunday 23 August comp at 1200 at the Equestrian Park cottage.

We welcome all NCEC members to attend.  The day will be difficult to navigate with a comp running and COVID restrictions possibly still in place, but we will do our best.  If you have a strong view on anything and are not sure if you can attend the actual AGM at 1200 (ie draw clash or attendance issues) then please email your comments for consideration at the AGM to prior to the day.

The AGM is when 20/21 Committee nominations will be proposed for endorsement and any Constitutional changes for the 20/21 will be discussed/endorsed.


1200 Open / Presidents Report (verbal)

1205 Treasurers Report (verbal) – A summary of the 19/20 NCEC Financial Audit is available from 1 August 2020 and can be emailed to NCEC members via an email request to

1210   Membership Report (verbal)

1215 Endorsement of proposed changes to NCEC Constitution (Note: there may be additional proposed changes and these will be emailed to members prior to the AGM)

Remove Para 15 (4) “Office bearers may serve the association for a period of up to 2 terms.  Upon conclusion of the period, an office bearer may seek to remain within the committee but not within their previous Office bearer position.”

1220 Stand Down of 19/20 Committee

1225 Advise to members re nominations received for 2020/21 Committee  (Note – All 19/20 committee members plus 2 other members  have so far nominated for 20/21)

1230 Request for any other committee nominations (Nomination forms will be available at the AGM)

1240 Endorsement of 20/21 Committee.

1250 –  Close

We look forward to seeing you at the 2020 AGM.

Kind Regards

NCEC Committee