NCEC Awards

2019/2020 Pointscore Eligibility

2018/2019 Winner Awards

Awards will be given to Winners and Runner up – Congratulations to all!!

Horse/Pony of the Year

Prep: Isobel Pluis and Bliss
Prelim: Gabrielle Heyroth and Berlin W
Novice: Tammy Norwood and Bradgate Park Rosenkranz Elementary: Margaret Forster and Springfield Frosty
Medium: Madeline McDonogh and Jupiter R
Advanced: Chelsea Rose and Lexington Crest
Pony (Joint Winner): Aulikki Laver and Lavuka Carousel
Pony (Joint Winner): Fiona Baker and Bandit Bob
Restricted: Isobel Pluis and Bliss

 Rider of the Year

U17 Isobel Pluis
17-20 Aulikki Laver
21-29 Holly Barnes
30-39 Gabrielle Heyroth
40-49 Tammy Norwood
50-59 Hayley Smith
60+ Wendy Lorincz
Male Ben Featherston

2019 Runner Up Awards

Horse of the Year

Prep: Matilda Moxon and TS Welcome
Prelim: Liz Layard and Airs and Graces
Novice: Claudia Dukats and Kaloona Eclipse
Elementary: Steph Debaker and Ludus
Advanced: Wendy Lorincz and Hilkens Denali
Veteran: Moya Watson and Kivanchi
Restricted: Gabriella Heyroth and Berlin W

Rider of the Year

17-20 Larrissa Fehre
21-29 Lucy Taylor
50-59 Sally McCarthy
60+ Anne Riley

Pointscore 2018/2019 progressive
Pointscore 2017/2018
Rider of the Year 2015-2016
Horse of the Year 2015-2016
Male Rider of the Year 2015-2016
Member of the Year 2015-2016
volunteer of the Year 2015-2016