NCEC Annual Awards

NCEC Annual Awards 

The NCEC Annual Point Score is open to all NCEC members and points are awarded based on NCEC Annual Point Score eligibility and rules as attached below:

The 2019/20 comp season covers all comps held 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020.

2019/20 Point Score Eligibility & Rules 

Progressive Pointscore, up to and including the 1 Sep and 6 October  19 comps (noting October was the ‘Jackpot’ double points comp) can be found below.

2019/2020 Progressive Pointscore  —–>  2019_2020 pointscore progressive as at 7 Oct 2019

Notes on Progressive Pointscore:

If a rider has a 0 it means that they attended the comp and rode a complete test however did not place.

If a rider has a greyed out box then they did not attend or complete a test on that comp date.

With ROTY  we do not have birth dates for the people at the bottom highlighted in red, so we are unable to put them in their age category.  We have emailed those riders asking for their DOB.

If you think NCEC may have inadvertently made an error on your pointscore to date, please email ‘’ outlining your concern asap and we will respond.  Thankyou.