29th April 2018 Competition

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26th August

Annual Awards
Congratulations to our annual award recipients, the awards will be presented at our Annual General Meeting on 7 Sep 18. This year there will be prizes for runners up in each category and we have added a Pony of the Year and Restricted Horse of the Year to
recognise the growth in these categories. A huge thank you to
Phoebe and her team at Horseland Canberra for sponsoring the Horse of the Year recipients with lovely rugs. Eligibility for horse of the year has changed from previous years in that you are ineligible to win horse of the year in the same category over back to back years, details are on the website.

The Committee would like to thank all our members and
competitors for supporting the Club this year, we have worked hard to provide an encouraging and fun year of events.

Our AGM will be held in September, and while we have one more competition (August) before the AGM, we thought it prudent to let everyone know that a large portion of your current committee will step down at the AGM.  Many of the current Committee have been involved with NCEC for a number of years (13 plus for one of us) and believe it’s time to take a rest. These decisions are never easy but it does give the Club an opportunity for some regeneration. The
current committee are encouraging enthusiastic, can do people to nominate at the AGM.

Many hands make light work so please consider helping out in some form as your Club is at risk of being severely compromised if we cant get enough people involved in running it.  Committee nomination forms can be found on our website and emailed to nceccontact@gmail.com

2017/2018 Pointscore – Award recipients

NCEC Championships:
The photos are up from our championships on the 27th October 2017.
View photos HERE

Reminder: To be eligible to compete in Closed Unrestricted classes at NCEC Competitions – you must be EITHER a member of NCEC or Equestrian