Risk Management Strategy

NCEC aims to run safe and friendly competitions.  All National Capital Equestrian Club events, both official competitive and closed restricted dressage tests will be conducted under EA and FEI rules where relevant.

The following Risk Management Plan meets requirements under those rules. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry, reprimand or, ask any competitor or spectator who is judged to be acting in a dangerous manner and/or contrary to this plan to leave the venue.

NCEC uses many volunteers in the conduct of a competition. NCEC ensures that all volunteers are:

• Experienced with horses and competition, where practical.
• Aware of their responsibilities and the inherent danger involved in equestrian activities.
• Are appropriately trained and supervised.
• Briefed on the day or previously briefed.
• NCEC has on site on competition days:

An incident book for recording potentially dangerous events.
Basic first aid and veterinary kits.
Phone numbers for the local veterinary surgery out of hours.
Phone number for police, ambulance and fire brigade (000).

•  The NCEC competition ground is within a reasonable distance from major hospitals and medical services – therefore a Medic may not be in attendance on the grounds.   Should an accident leave a rider or person unconscious, and therefore unable to advise NCEC Committee on how they wish to proceed with regard to their medical attention/condition,  NCEC will call an ambulance via 000.

NCEC Hot Weather Policy:

Horse and rider welfare is paramount when competing at NCEC.

There are several taps, a large wash bay area and plenty of shade at Equestrian Park for competitor use.

Please bring a bucket & sponge to wash down / cool off your horse.

During hot weather, riders may remove their competition jacket  – shirts/tops must be worn as per EA rules.

Riders can decide if they need to remove their jacket due to heat.

Sun screen is available at the Gear Check.

Tap water is not for human consumption- please consider bringing you own drinking water.

Water and cold drinks are available for a fee at the Catering Van.

NCEC reserves the right to cancel / cut short any competition due to excessive heat.