Arena Hire

NCEC has two portable 60×20 dressage arenas and a full set of arena letters for five 60×20 dressage areas, which all meet the Equestrian Federation of Australia’s requirements under (EFA) Rule 1.10, which came into effect on the 1 January 2004.

These arenas are available for hire from by clubs/associations wishing to conduct dressage events only at Equestrian Park. The cost is $200 per day of use during the event.   Set up, take down and the tidy packing away of arenas is the responsibility of the club/person hiring the equipment. The arenas are packed in a heavy, purpose built trailer and a fully comprehensive insured four wheel drive with a break-away brake unit attached is required for towing.

The contact person regarding arena hire is Jane Radburn on
0421 633 394.  Please give NCEC at least 4 weeks notice of your request to hire the arenas.